Making It, Then Maybe Telling Someone

Or oftentimes no one really

I’m a big fan of Make It Then Tell Everybody, but these days I’m bad at doing the second part.

When I started doing art I remember posting regularly, sometimes daily. Deep down I wanted people to know what I was up to while also getting better at art.

As I left college and got better about doing art, I suddenly became self conscious about sharing everything I did.

Everything had to be.


Maybe that’s why my posting grinded to a halt and I became paralyzed about the thought of doing anything. It took a while for me to recognize it.

But I did.

I was talking to Peter Han last year about what it takes to “do” social media. And it seemed pretty simple.

Show up and be regularly consistent.

Like going to the gym 2x a week or writing daily, you need to always be present with stuff to show, even if it’s not perfect or polished. Getting the routine down and finding ways to connect with people with your own work and through shared interests (fanart being an example) are good ways to start.

This year I’m being better about posting on Instagram (follow me here!). Sometimes I have art stuff to show, other times I’ll probably have other hobbies flickering about. The habit of doing it is more important than the content at this stage. And once I’ve got a process, I can refine it.

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