Fixing Tiny Daily Problems For Maximum Benefits

Screws are the greatest inventions

My most stylish woodworking projects (painted bench currently a plant bench, heavy workbench, bookcase) are meant for showing up my amateur capabilities to build stuff.

But when it comes to my day-to-day life, I most often use stuff put quickly together with screws. Most of the times it’s an effort to just get things off the floor. Some examples include….

  • Hanging a camping stool that I pull out when I do my laundry in my tub (that’s a story for another blog post)

  • Hanging a stepladder

  • Hanging reusable bags by our entryway

  • Hanging hair ties

  • Hanging backpacks

  • Hanging the laundry drying rack

  • Hanging 10+ feet of various shelving around the apartment.

My most abused and used item though, is this IKEA island we cobbled together.

The top and Kallax are separate pieces that I simply connected with angle brackets and screws. The hardest part strangely enough was driving the screws into the MDF of the shelves. But it ended up being several hundred or so dollars less than actually buying an IKEA island.

We sit at it every day, watching TV and eating meals. When our friends come over it’s the primary gathering hub for everyone as we laugh and share stories. I finished the top with a poly finish that was gifted to us by the contractor who redid our laminate and was a woodworker on the side.

I like running my hand on the underside of the table. It is unfinished and rough, a contrast to the slick poly top. But it reminds me that even the simplest built stuff can change an apartment.

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