• Plaza Club Apartments (Salinas, CA)

    Plaza Club Apartments (Salinas, CA)

    I shredded some artwork today. I did an earlier plein air painting and it didn’t turn out very well. I was walking around feeling bad about it for a while. Then I sat down and did this. There’s a lot of things I wish I could have done better, but I did alright, much better…

  • Canvas


    In good news, I only have 6 canvases left to go through.

  • Mei-Ling Zhou (周美靈) Fanart

    Mei-Ling Zhou (周美靈) Fanart

    Would you believe my friend used the existence of Mei to lure me to play Overwatch? I can. I’m feeling eh about this one. I should have pushed the values a lot more than I did for this. For next time I guess.

  • Plein Air Convention & Expo

    Plein Air Convention & Expo

    Someday, but that day won’t be next year!

  • Knitting


    I pushed through it and now I’m blocking it!  

  • Tacos


    Spicy foods are a great way to elongate the amount of time I spend eating food. I have to spend so much time waiting for my mouth to cool off…

  • Youmu Konpaku (魂魄妖夢) Fanart

    Youmu Konpaku (魂魄妖夢) Fanart

    Youmu Konpaku, one of my favorite Touhou characters.

  • Right Now

    Right Now

    The workshop on zines went well in spite of me being a little late (sorry!). Me and Dustooned lead the workshop and he’s a great cartoonist, give him a follow!

  • Scarf


    I have a fear of wet-on-wet watercolor techniques, mainly because it seems largely uncontrollable and unpredictable. I’m practicing with it as of late and I realize with a little bit of forethought and pre-applying water to places I want to paint, I can contain the washes and blending a lot more easily. There is no…

  • Stand


    Bending awkwardly over artwork for long periods of time is may result in aches and sores.