• Youmu Konpaku (魂魄妖夢) Fanart

    Youmu Konpaku (魂魄妖夢) Fanart

    Youmu Konpaku, one of my favorite Touhou characters.

  • Inktober/Inkdropchallenge #23: Game

    Inktober/Inkdropchallenge #23: Game

    Touhou is one of my favorite series of all times. I was introduced to it a long time ago and I quickly consumed through games, doujin, and music. Yet, like an explosion, my interest in it quickly faded as fast as I got into it. My interest in it is now intermittent, there are long…

  • Suwako Moriya Doodle

    Suwako Moriya Doodle

    Testing out a new brush in Clip Paint Studio, decided to doodle Suwako from Touhou.