• Backpack Still Life

    Backpack Still Life

    I thought it’d be a great idea to draw my backpack. Then I got to all the straps and started hating my past self.

  • Glass and Daruma Otoshi Pieces

    Glass and Daruma Otoshi Pieces

    Study of glass and daruma otoshi pieces.

  • Messenger Bag Study

    Messenger Bag Study

    I’m working on a piece for Aqualumina’s February challenge, so I set up a study with my messenger bag. Done with Copics and Noodler’s Heart of Darkness. I’m unfortunately running out of W1 (Warm Grey) which is a bummer.

  • Portrait of Me

    Portrait of Me

      I tried painting myself! I’m…not good at painting. Yet.  

  • Conditioner Bottle Still Life

    Conditioner Bottle Still Life

    My book is containing sketches from Seattle, Portland, and Ghana are now available! You can go hereĀ for more information or get the book (pay what you like) at my Gumroad!

  • Still Life: Pen Cap and Bottle Cap

    Still Life: Pen Cap and Bottle Cap

    I learned it was smarter to place a background first before overlaying anything opaque because it’s easier to manage that way. Not my favorite, but I learned a little something from it.

  • Still Life: Ladybug Ring and Eraser

    Still Life: Ladybug Ring and Eraser

    Didn’t want to really setup my watercolors/gouache tonight so I tried a simple tonal still life. My pencil lead I use doesn’t go quite as dark as I would like because I’ve been used to having harder, lighter lead because it doesn’t appear as much on paper and is a bit easier to erase and…