• Mountains (Salinas, CA)

    Mountains (Salinas, CA)

  • Viva Espresso (Salinas, CA)

    Viva Espresso (Salinas, CA)

    Viva Espresso is the coffee shop I frequent probably too often. Hot press paper is really something to work on. I’m not entirely used to it yet. Definitely could have pushed the values of this one a lot more and varied a lot of the colors so it doesn’t look so flat. Good notes for…

  • Plaza Club Apartments (Salinas, CA)

    Plaza Club Apartments (Salinas, CA)

    I shredded some artwork today. I did an earlier plein air painting and it didn’t turn out very well. I was walking around feeling bad about it for a while. Then I sat down and did this. There’s a lot of things I wish I could have done better, but I did alright, much better…

  • Salinas Amtrak Station (Salinas, California)

    Salinas Amtrak Station (Salinas, California)

    Who never wants to try drawing trains again? THIS GUY!

  • Day 1: Late, Broken, and Fun

    Day 1: Late, Broken, and Fun

    what a loooooonngggg day