• Things That Annoy Me #1

    Things That Annoy Me #1

    This is really frustrating for me, because I don’t want to buy the album twice, but I feel like I have to!

  • Skating


  • EBABZ 2015 Recap

    EBABZ 2015 Recap

    There are certain days you realize just how small the world is.

  • You Aren’t Everything

    You Aren’t Everything

    Every once in a while this pops into my head.

  • Waiting for Seattle

    Waiting for Seattle

    I’m excited and nervous, but I’m not leaving for another 4 and a half months! If you want to get more information about my future ebook, visit hereĀ or sign up directly on my Gumroad!  

  • Bread Making

    Bread Making

    Today was a very good day. My bread had an excellent crust thanks to the cup of water I put in the oven (inside a cast iron skillet). Now if only rising it didn’t take so long!

  • Sketch for 7th December 2015 Monday

    Sketch for 7th December 2015 Monday

    I’ve been getting used to my dip pens again. My brush pens have been splitting hairs, so I think a break from brush pen work is what I need right now.

  • Scanner Problems

    Scanner Problems

    To those who may be asking me, “Why not just reuse the scans from your old scanner?” The reason is that those scans would look different from the ones on the new one, so I had to scan it all over again for consistency. Thankfully I think I scanned all the pieces successfully.