• 32nd Sketchbook Finished!

    32nd Sketchbook Finished!


  • 31st Sketchbook Done!

    31st Sketchbook Done!

    I hope senpai notices me!

  • 30th Sketchbook Finished

    30th Sketchbook Finished

    Whenever I finish a sketchbook, I look back on my finished sketchbook tags to make sure I tag my posts correctly. This also involves me cringing over my art even if was only a month ago I finished my last one. Progress I guess?  

  • 29th Sketchbook Finished

    29th Sketchbook Finished

    Wow, 29 sketchbooks finished, what an accomplishment! On to the next one… My book is out! It compiles my drawings and journals from when I went to Seattle in April. Here is a link to the book or more information at my blog post here.

  • Sketchbook 28 Finished

    Sketchbook 28 Finished

    Always make sure your brush pens have ink.

  • Sketchbook 27 Done

    Sketchbook 27 Done

    Woooohooo I finished my 27th sketchbook! immediately tosses into fire

  • 26th Sketchbook Finished!

    26th Sketchbook Finished!

    Proceeds to immediately throw sketchbook into the bonfire I have created just for old sketchbooks.  

  • 25th Sketchbook Finished!

    25th Sketchbook Finished!

    25! That’s a quarter of 100! Wheeee!

  • 23rd Sketchbook Finished!

    23rd Sketchbook Finished!

    I finished my 23rd sketchbook a few days ago!

  • Sketchbook 22 Finished!

    Sketchbook 22 Finished!

    Done in Copics and Copic multiliners.