• Front Desk

    Front Desk

    Another drawing from a visit to the orthodontist.

  • Plant


    A scene from the dentist’s office.

  • San Jose Zine Con (February 12th) And Weekend Sketches

    San Jose Zine Con (February 12th) And Weekend Sketches

    Hey everyone, first a convention update. I’m going to be exhibiting at the San Jose Zine Con on Sunday, February 12th! It’ll be from 1pm – 5pm at Local Color in San Jose. More details are available on the Facebook event page here. I’m going to be debuting my hourly comics in book form as well…

  • River and Foliage

    River and Foliage

    The last environment in gouache to wrap up the challenge!  I learned a lot from this piece, but the most important thing is this. I don’t like cold press paper for gouache. I work my gouache opaque and want a stroke to lay down paint wherever I run my brush across. Since  cold press has…

  • Cafe in Gouache and People Sketching

    Cafe in Gouache and People Sketching

    I went to the cafe early to get this done, since I am hanging out with friends today. I did some people sketching as well. I want to give a shoutout to Rosemary & Co for their excellent pocket brushes. Good investment that I use for watercolors and gouache.

  • Trees and Houses in Gouache

    Trees and Houses in Gouache

    Fixing mistakes in gouache/watercolors. Step 1: Don’t touch them.

  • Study and Mountains

    Study and Mountains

    Hey guys, another study and environment drawing. First one is a study from Albert Bierstadt’s Evening Glow, Lake Louise. The environment is another study of the mountains near me home. The study is done on a panel I have “erased”. It fared well, although the tooth is now gone on the parts where the paint…

  • Mountains


      I’m doing an environment everyday for a week as part of a Twitter challenge with some art friends. This was an exercise to see where I was stating with doing environments. It’s rough, but it gave me a good indication of what I needed to work on. The Hudson River School painters are some…

  • Sketch for 8th January 2016 (Friday)

    Sketch for 8th January 2016 (Friday)

    Working slowly towards something. I’m not very good at digital painting. My book is containing sketches from Seattle, Portland, and Ghana are now available! You can go here for more information or get the book (pay what you like) at my Gumroad