• My Ideal/Impossible Fountain Pen

    My Ideal/Impossible Fountain Pen

    It’s that last panel that throws a wrench into things just a little. This comic was made with a dip pen. Also, I learned sumi-e ink does not take too kindly to dip pens, it just tends to not attach to the surface of the nib.

  • Crack Cookies

    Crack Cookies

    Nothing like chomping down on some good ol’ cra-I mean cookies from your friendly Trader Joe’s.  

  • Monster Hunter Generations

    Monster Hunter Generations

    I’ve been doing the aerial longsword, adept longsword, aerial dual blades, and adept dual blades! Definitely trying out weapons I did not give any shot in previous Monster Hunter games.

  • Things That Annoy Me #1

    Things That Annoy Me #1

    This is really frustrating for me, because I don’t want to buy the album twice, but I feel like I have to!

  • Skating


  • EBABZ 2015 Recap

    EBABZ 2015 Recap

    There are certain days you realize just how small the world is.

  • You Aren’t Everything

    You Aren’t Everything

    Every once in a while this pops into my head.

  • Waiting for Seattle

    Waiting for Seattle

    I’m excited and nervous, but I’m not leaving for another 4 and a half months! If you want to get more information about my future ebook, visit here or sign up directly on my Gumroad!  

  • Bread Making

    Bread Making

    Today was a very good day. My bread had an excellent crust thanks to the cup of water I put in the oven (inside a cast iron skillet). Now if only rising it didn’t take so long!