• White Glasses (Sketch)

    White Glasses (Sketch)

    A few days ago I saw someone with white glasses that really stood out.

  • Anna (Fire Emblem)

    Anna (Fire Emblem)

    Been sitting on my hard drive for a few weeks, I figure I might as well complete it.

  • Tetora Bōhatei (防波亭 手寅) Joshiraku Fanart

    Tetora Bōhatei (防波亭 手寅) Joshiraku Fanart

    I finally finished up Tetora fanart from Joshiraku! Finally got the entire cast done @___@. Took quite a few months…

  • Hana Fanart (Fire Emblem) And Some Sneak Peeks

    Hana Fanart (Fire Emblem) And Some Sneak Peeks

    I seem to have missed an update yesterday, oops. I’ve been feeling meh about my art lately, which happens sometimes. Art is always an ebb and flow of feeling great about it and feeling blah about it. I did a little bit of Fire Emblem fanart of Hana, one of my new favorite FE characters,…

  • Foray Into Vectors

    Foray Into Vectors

    In a weirdly productive bout of procrastination, I decided to learn vector artwork, with my go to subject, an avatar of me. I’m using Affinity Designer, a program I just found on a random whim.

  • Tap


    Another random sketch after a day of working on comics, filling out residency applications, and looking at clothing. Slowly slowly.

  • Stripes


    I was sketching some fashion photos today and played around with some things I learned. Sketch took longer than I probably should have spent on it, but it was a lot of fun regardless.

  • Save Rock And Roll

    Save Rock And Roll

    I’ve been listening to Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy lately, so I sketched this out in between my work yesterday.