• End of Daily Comics and More

    Hey everyone, happy New Year! A few updates to the blog are coming up… I’m ending my daily comics (for now and the foreseeable future). It was a lot of fun doing them for sure, but I’m focusing on working on making longer pieces now as opposed to short daily strips. This includes working on…

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    Plein air is going to be one of those things I’m doing more of this year.

  • Temperature


    The space heater made things extremely convenient and harrowing.

  • Space Heater

    Space Heater

    In an upside, I finally threw out a bunch of things I no longer needed and made lots of space again in my room.

  • Roundabout


    Good day, good day.

  • Bored


    When you’re super productive but you can’t derive much excitement from things.

  • Parabolic Heaters

    Parabolic Heaters

    A minor inconvenience, but it’s better than nothing.

  • Are They?

    Are They?

    No one can control the moment when stuff to eat runs out from their fridge.

  • Shredders


    My good works to bad works ratio has gone up!

  • Canvas


    In good news, I only have 6 canvases left to go through.