• Stars Upon Us

    Stars Upon Us

    Venus, Distance, and a Little Bit of Love

  • Apologies


  • Bus Stop, A Life Update, and Inktober

    Hey everyone, it’s been a while! I have big news, I moved to LA two months ago for a job! It’s been a wild two months, just having to take on so much adulting at once and settling in to my new place. I’m getting into a routine, so I’m thankful to have more regular…

  • Bread (Comic)

    Bread (Comic)

    I didn’t appreciate bread and other baked goods as much as I did until I watched The Great British Bake-Off. Watching people make these treats from scratch and learning how they’re made gave me a deeper respect for the science and ingenuity that goes into the craft. I was captivated by the folding of puff…

  • Eating Out With Allen Roman (Comic)

    Eating Out With Allen Roman (Comic)

    People around me know about my penchant for drawing my food. It’s a blessing and a curse.

  • Bullet Journaling (Comic)

    Bullet Journaling (Comic)

    Here’s a comic about how bullet journaling affected me last year. I came bullet journals just from all the fountain pen and notebook places I follow. I gave it a shot and it’s been, awesome, to say the least. The #oneweek100people challenge ends tomorrow and I’m excited to show off all these small people sketching…

  • LA Zine Fest Announcement!

    LA Zine Fest Announcement!

    Hey everyone! I’ve got some big news, pertinent to all you Southern Californa folks. I’m going to be exhibiting at the LA Zine Fest the 28th of May (Sunday)! It’ll be held at the California Market Center from 10 AM to 6 PM. Please come by to say hello and bother me!

  • Hot Water

    Hot Water

    A comic about hot water and how I don’t appreciate some things until they go missing.