• Soda (Sketch)

    Soda (Sketch)

    Walked into Wendy’s 7 minutes before the dining room closed! Let’s not do that again…

  • Front Desk

    Front Desk

    Another drawing from a visit to the orthodontist.

  • Hot Water

    Hot Water

    A comic about hot water and how I don’t appreciate some things until they go missing.

  • Treana (A Short Comic)

    Treana (A Short Comic)

    I submitted this comic to a journal in November, but it didn’t get accepted. Upon inspection of the email, I realized there was a theme to the entire journal, which I had blatantly ignored (oops). As a result, you all get to see this comic much earlier than I was originally planning.

  • San Jose Zine Con (February 12th) And Weekend Sketches

    San Jose Zine Con (February 12th) And Weekend Sketches

    Hey everyone, first a convention update. I’m going to be exhibiting at the San Jose Zine Con on Sunday, February 12th! It’ll be from 1pm – 5pm at Local Color in San Jose. More details are available on the Facebook event page here. I’m going to be debuting my hourly comics in book form as well…

  • Advertisements


    Plein air is going to be one of those things I’m doing more of this year.

  • Temperature


    The space heater made things extremely convenient and harrowing.

  • Space Heater

    Space Heater

    In an upside, I finally threw out a bunch of things I no longer needed and made lots of space again in my room.

  • Why Not Both?

    Why Not Both?

    Featuring the theme song of Fox’s New Girl.

  • Roundabout


    Good day, good day.