• Anime Expo (Day 4): Mac & Cheese

    Anime Expo (Day 4): Mac & Cheese

    I’ve never had such a cheesy dinner in my life. I could not brielieve the amount of mac & cheese there was, but most of them were pretty gouda.

  • Anime Expo (Day 3): Cosplay

    Anime Expo (Day 3): Cosplay

    Cosplaying was lots of fun and I definitely have ideas on what to do for next time, since I actually don’t know too much about One Piece. My friends picked me to be Chopper aha.

  • Anime Expo (Day 2): Not Okay

    Anime Expo (Day 2): Not Okay

    Oh no, what will happen to protagonist now??? (Spoilers: They’re doing much better)

  • Anime Expo (Day 1)

    Anime Expo (Day 1)

      great life decisions right here I am behind just a little on posting, but should catch up quickly in the next few days!

  • Names


    Number 3 is borderline creepy, but I justify it as getting to know people in my department.

  • I Know You

    I Know You

    but in the end they did complete everything so they’re ok i guess

  • Badge Stuffing

    Badge Stuffing

    The stacks never seem to get smaller.

  • Toronto Reference Library

    Toronto Reference Library

    Hey everyone, as of the 25th of June, 2016, Saturday, I am back in the US! No more sketching or journals from Canada, but I am going to see if I can do urban sketching during Anime Expo July 1-4.

  • Day 0: Visiting Our Neighbors

    Day 0: Visiting Our Neighbors

    Hey everyone! I’m traveling with family for the next week. I’m hoping to do three posts a day, journal, drawing, and daily comic. Fingers crossed that I can do it!