• Chopping Brushes

    Chopping Brushes

    Modifying your tools is addictive

  • The Banana Herb

    The Banana Herb

    Will it still be around?

  • Making It, Then Maybe Telling Someone

    Or oftentimes no one really

  • Fixing Tiny Daily Problems For Maximum Benefits

    Fixing Tiny Daily Problems For Maximum Benefits

    Screws are the greatest inventions

  • On The Workbench

    On The Workbench

    January 2023

  • Kaldi Coffee (Los Angeles, CA)

    Kaldi Coffee (Los Angeles, CA)

    Casein on Ampersand Gessobord I visited Kaldi Coffee this weekend, after dropping by CALA (Comic Art LA). My plein air cafe casein paintings have followed the same workflow as documented in these screenshots. I start with a rainbow colored pencil in order to establish my objects and that I get everything I need to in…

  • Bus Stop, A Life Update, and Inktober

    Hey everyone, it’s been a while! I have big news, I moved to LA two months ago for a job! It’s been a wild two months, just having to take on so much adulting at once and settling in to my new place. I’m getting into a routine, so I’m thankful to have more regular…

  • Hahnemühle Grey Book Review

    Hahnemühle Grey Book Review

    Introduction to the A5 Hahnemühle Grey Book DISCLAIMER: I was given this book for free by Hahnemühle in exchange for a review. Hey everyone, some exciting things have been happening in my life lately (to be covered in another blog post), but I’ve been sketching a lot in the Hahnemühle Grey Book and have a…

  • Bread (Comic)

    Bread (Comic)

    I didn’t appreciate bread and other baked goods as much as I did until I watched The Great British Bake-Off. Watching people make these treats from scratch and learning how they’re made gave me a deeper respect for the science and ingenuity that goes into the craft. I was captivated by the folding of puff…