• Inktober Week 5 Recap

    Inktober Week 5 Recap

    Day 29: A World Unknown Original Instagram Text “Stay alert. The Tempests can come from anywhere.” Final day of Lightbox Expo was a ton of fun, but I clocked out and went home in the early afternoon. I was so mentally and physically drained from the whole experience. What a great weekend. Additional Information This…

  • Inktober Week 4 Recap

    Inktober Week 4 Recap

    Day 22: Flames Over Us Original Instagram Text “You’ll look upon the city of people and remember: these are who you fight for. The affected, the disaffected, young, old, from across the lands and across the seas, all converging on this city we call home. We are a fire that burns deep, the warriors against…

  • Inktober Week 3 Recap

    Inktober Week 3 Recap

    Day 15: Love and Everyone Original Instagram Text “Perfect! NO ONE MOVE.” I rarely use a tripod to take meaningful photos with my friends and family. Maybe twice? I use them more for plein air painting to hold my surface + palette or as a second person for reference shots. I kept it simple today…

  • Inktober Week 2 Recap

    Inktober Week 2 Recap

    Day 8: We Won’t Be Here When You Come Back Original Instagram Text “We didn’t know how important this fight would be. We just thought, hey, just another day on the job. And it started just like any other job. But by the end of it we will have changed our world, but leave over…

  • Inktober Week 1 Recap

    Inktober Week 1 Recap

    First week done and additional behind the scenes!

  • My Inktober 2023 Rules and Prompts
  • Tools for Making, Not for Comparing

    Tools for Making, Not for Comparing

    Don’t let hobbyists take away from the hobby + My favorite tools

  • Projects Update: Tills and Second Chances

    Projects Update: Tills and Second Chances

    A bit of woodworking and restarting a comic that people love

  • Stars Upon Us

    Stars Upon Us

    Venus, Distance, and a Little Bit of Love

  • Boba Tier List (May 2023)

    100% Objective Opinions Only