Inktober Week 5 Recap

Day 29: A World Unknown

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“Stay alert. The Tempests can come from anywhere.”

Final day of Lightbox Expo was a ton of fun, but I clocked out and went home in the early afternoon. I was so mentally and physically drained from the whole experience. What a great weekend.

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This method of using a mix of open white areas with flat black once again saves the background from looking too simple.

Day 30: Effervescent Ebullience

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“There is no purer joy than the look on people’s eyes when they see bubbles floating around.”

I got sick right after Lightbox, chills and aches. I slept and ate soup + bread, with medicine to manage. I felt better towards the end of Monday, so hopefully it’s a short term thing.

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Day 31: Hallowed Dreams

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“Some days are easy. Some days are hard. This was not an easy day.” — Yuna

And we’ve made it to the end of Inktober 🥳 Thanks to anyone who followed along and cheered me on. I’m ready to go back to doing some more painting and comics, but I will always love pen and ink.

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With how much Chaser characters (especially Yuna) made appearances on to Inktober, it’s no wonder this is what I ended with. Lots of concepts and ideas I can run with into the rest of the year and 2024.

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