Projects Update: Tills and Second Chances

A bit of woodworking and restarting a comic that people love


A semi-regular progress report on the projects I’m tackling. This is mostly for me, but I thought it might be fun to talk about random stuff I work on in a public space.

Anarchist Tool Chest

Built the skeleton of this chest in early February 2023, but really haven’t committed to finishing it until now. Better late than never. Context for those curious about the name/inspiration/book.

I worked on setting up the middle and top till runners. I only have pictures of the top being setup.

Revival of We Are Not Dating

At the San Francisco Zine Fest, my We Are Not Dating zine was the most popular book at the show. I was surprised that it was so well loved, but I did carefully design the book and name to really stand out.

This was the first show I exhibited the book in between printing the book and lockdown time, I stopped doing We Are Not Dating. It was a combination of burnout and self-doubt. We Are Not Dating took a lot of time to produce and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work sustainably within my allotted free time.

But seeing how many people loved it made me remember why I started the webcomic in the first place. So I’m building up a buffer and retooling the process to make these comics not as time consuming to make, without changing the quality too much. No, not AI.

Chasing Progress on the Chasers

A marathon, not a sprint, working on the Chasers has been an exercise in patience, grit, and just throwing out stuff that doesn’t work. I’ve had some parts thumbnailed and figured out for months. Then I look a little, dislike them, and throw them out entirely.

With comics no single panel can be precious. If it doesn’t work, it’s better to redo it for a better one.

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