Boba Tier List (May 2023)

100% Objective Opinions Only

Every Friday I take a walk to get boba, to close off the end of a work week and start the weekend right. Living in LA, I’ve tried a fair amount of boba and have formed my own strong opinions on favorite places. This is my current list, judging on flavor and boba quality.

#3 Home Brewed Bar

Home Brewed Bar black tea and thai iced teas are my favorites. They balance sweetness and flavor just right. Depending on the season they have interesting rotating flavors, especially during the colder months. As an added bonus, the Pasadena location is next to a King Taco and Oakobing (bingsu/Korean shaved ice), so you could have all your meals in one block.

Recommendation: Thai iced tea

#2 YiFang Fruit Tea

I am blessed to have a YiFang Fruit Tea close to where I live. I vividly remember my first time at this chain, visiting a friend in Berkeley, having just had Chinese food. I love the more fruit forward flavors of this place, especially those days when I don’t want anything too heavy or creamy. YiFang also has my favorite normal boba, because it is mini boba that is much easier to drink.

Recommendation: Sugarcane Mountain Tea at 70% sweetness

#1 Sunright Tea Studio

On a near weekly basis, I take a 20 minute walk to my favorite boba place: Sunright Tea Studio. I came across this mid pandemic, when it opened up near me. I thought it was an incredibly bold move to open a boba shop in a highly trafficked area with lots of other places, but after the first drink, I was hooked. Sweet drinks soothe me like nothing else and while Sunright has drinks that may be too much for my less sweet toothed friends, for now it remains at my top slot.

Recommendation: Oreo Brûlée Boba Milk at 50% sweetness

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