Meeting My Artistic Heroes


I’m lucky enough to have met some of my artistic heroes over the years. People say “don’t meet your heroes”, but I’ve had a lot of fun meeting mine no matter what the circumstances. I remember their art and why it touched me, what it means, and how it keeps me going. To know they’re real and just…people gives me an insane belief that maybe one day I can create stuff that moves others.

I share my favorite artists with anyone who will listen. Some I’ve been lucky to meet include:

– Emi Lenox (Emitown)

– Lauren Tsai

– Inio Asano (Solanin, Goodnight Punpun)

– Leslie Stein (Bright-eyed At Midnight, Present, I Know You Rider)

– Brian Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim, Seconds)

– James Gurney (Dinotopia)

– Peter Han

Sometimes I add to my list, but it grows slowly. No one grows from nothing and these people’s work will guide me for years to come.

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