Bread (Comic)

Mmmm bread

I didn’t appreciate bread and other baked goods as much as I did until I watched The Great British Bake-Off. Watching people make these treats from scratch and learning how they’re made gave me a deeper respect for the science and ingenuity that goes into the craft. I was captivated by the folding of puff pastry, the careful rolling of filo, the artistry of sugar work, and the time consuming proofing of bread.

Someone was once talking to me, in reference to the game Stardew Valley, that they weren’t going to buy it, because they have obsessive tendencies. I’m the same way. I’ll latch onto new hobbies or certain games, not letting go. It’s easy for me to stop by occupying my time with something else, so sometimes I have to extricate myself by working on other things until they leave my mind.

In other news, I’ve been playing a lot of Civilization V lately…

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