Current Watercolor & Gouache Palette May 2017

While refilling some pans yesterday, I decided to jettison some colors I wasn’t using and add some colors I use a lot to my Pocket Palette. I usually carry a separate gouache and watercolor palette, so I decided to combine them in my smallest palette, saving on space and fuss. My color choices are just me experimenting with colors over the months and just finding out what I’m always reaching for versus what I never go to.

So good you can almost eat them! But please don't.
All neatly packed into my pocket palette!
So pretty, so pretty!
A mix of gouache and watercolors on this palette. Gouache for the potential to be very opaque, watercolors for the sheer variety of colors.
From left to right:
  • Top row:
    • Quinacridone Red (M. Graham Gouache PR209)
    • Cadmium Red Light (M. Graham Gouache PR108)
    • Perylene Maroon (Daniel Smith Watercolor PR179)
    • Cerulean Blue (Daniel Smith Watercolor PB35)
    • Pthalocyanine Blue (M. Graham Gouache PB15:3)
    • Ultramarine Blue (M. Graham Gouache PB29)
    • Pthalocyanine Green (M. Graham Gouache PG7)
  • Bottom row:
    • Zinc White (Winsor & Newton Gouache PW5)
    • Azo Yellow (M. Graham Gouache PY151)
    • Permanent Yellow Deep (Daniel Smith Watercolor PY110)
    • Quinacridone Gold (Daniel Smith Watercolor PO49)
    • Yellow Ochre (Winsor & Newton Gouache PY42)
    • Burnt Sienna (M. Graham Gouache PBr7)
    • Permanent White (Utrecht Gouache PW6)

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