From Denver, With Love, Allen (Urban Sketching, Drawing, and Painting)

I visited Denver, Colorado earlier this month to table at DINK. I took a different approach to drawing on location, opting to just do quicker sketches inside my travel journals, as opposed 9 x 12 inch bristol sheets. Denver was a lot of fun and I hope one day I can go back.

Let’s take a peek at where I went.

I drank it thinking "oh one drink shouldn't be bad." How little I knew.
Murphy Drink at Retrograde Bar speakeasy. This was strong!
Gaze upon all of their secrets, hidden by the fact I didn't render them.
Retrograde Bar
Showing off my favorite hobby, drawing people who don't know you're drawing them
People at DINK and Menya Noodle Bar
Halfway through this, someone sat down. Curses!
Menya Noodle Bar
Simply stated colors worked really well here
I looooove ramen.
Dangerous! I live life on the edge!
Mutiny Information Cafe
Whiskey ice cream, the fun way to have alcohol.
Sweet Action Ice Cream! The whiskey brickle was GREAT!
Mmmm books...
Books books books at the Tattered Cover Book Store!


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