Zine Review: Sequimming The Surface by Emily Alden Foster, Channing Kennedy, Gregg Lewis, and Lindsey Simard

Sequimming The Surface Zine
Sequimming The Surface Zine Front
Sequimming The Surface Zine Back
Sequimming The Surface Zine Back

Sequimming The Surface (A Trip From Oakland, CA To Sequim, Wa & Back) is a zine created by Emily Alden Foster, Gregg Lewis (I can’t find them), Channing Kennedy, and Lindsey Simard. It can be bought for $6. I think this was bought at the 2015 East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest…I can’t remember.
It’s no secret around this blog that I love traveling. If it is, you must be new here (in which case, hello!). Sequimming The Surface is a zine comprising of daily comics, photographs, and writings from a weeklong road trip from Oakland, CA to Sequim, WA and back. After Emily got into Short Run Seattle, the four of them visited Sequim and the surroundings, fueled by a dream of moving away from the expensive Bay Area to something rural and far cheaper. They don’t end up moving out there, but you’ll have to read it to find out why!
Group travel, done with the right people, can be lots of fun. Shenanigans will always arise from a group of well-knit friends traveling together. The comics in this zine arise from the same shared experiences, but all talk about completely different things. Whether it’s about Marlow The Dog or a terrible open mic night, each person has a different idea on what to make their daily comic about. We all have a unique perspective of looking at the world, evident by the wide variety of subject everyone produces for the same trip. Maybe the next time I travel with someone I’ll propose we doing something similar, journaling our trip. It may be interesting to see what we choose to write down.

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