Zine Review: Tucker Toons #1 By Dus T’

Today’s zine review is Tucker Toon #1 which is created by Dus T’. It doesn’t look like it’s being sold online as of this writing, so go catch them at a show, or maybe send an email? I traded for this zine at the 2016 Salinas Valley Comic Con.

There’s a casual assumption when talking about comics that the medium calls for pictures combined with text, fitting together in a story. I can’t remember the last time I saw an all text comic, but I’m sure it exists. I know of a handful of wordless comics around, trying to depict a story using only pictures and the layout of the page. It’s difficult work not using text to explain things or advance the plot, but often the art will be more engaging to compensate.
Tucker Toon #1 is one of those wordless zines. I can’t say much without spoiling the short zine, but let’s just say it involves a prank gone wrong and ice cream. The artwork is bold and expressive. One could imagine this being made into a short animation. With a surprising number of twists crammed into a 12 page zine, Tucker Toon #1 is a fun zine that leverages great art and the medium to achieve an entertaining story.

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