Zine Review: It’s Possible I Might Be A Fake Geek Girl By Cordelia McGee-Tubb


It’s Possible I Might Be A Fake Geek Girl is made by Cordelia McGee-Tubb. It can be bought for $1 at their store. I bought this comic at the 2015 East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest.

Words are fascinating. While there are some words that have definitions that are easily agreed upon, there are other words that lend a variety of confusion, personal assumptions, and self-proclaimed “gatekeepers” around them. Two words that come to mind as an example are “nerd” and “gamer”. To me, a nerd is someone who is has a passion for a hobby and a gamer is anyone who plays video games often. These terms are riddled with people who have varying definitions of what they think these mean as well as those who believe they can keep people out because they don’t fit your definition of your label.
It’s Possible I Might Be A Fake Geek Girl (what a mouthful!) contains comics about the author’s experience in her world of tech and comics. There are nuggets inside about what it means to be a geek/nerd and a techie, as there are situations where others may reject you for whatever arbitrary reason. I think we’ve all had experiences feeling like we didn’t belong in the worlds that we have planted ourselves in. Somedays you don’t personally feel like you are what you write on your business cards, other days people either refuse to accept you as one of them or list off ways you need to change in order to fit. This is a short zine, but I think everyone will understand the light hearted anecdotes inside of being an imposter in the things you love the most.

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