Zine Review: Professor Cuties by Dave Baker


Professor Cuties is written and drawn by Dave Baker. Professor Cuties can be bought for $5 at while Professor Cuties Takes A Trip doesn’t seem to be up online yet, so go catch him at a convention! Professor Cuties was traded for at the 2016 Alternative Press Expo (I think) and Professor Cuties Takes A Trip was traded for at the 2016 East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest.
The Professor Cuties series is about a diminutive college professor named Professor Cuties interacting with roommates in the first book and taking a trip in the second.
This series is a simple one, full of short strips with jokes about Professor Cuties’ size, roommates, as well as the stress of traveling. There is nothing overtly grand or complicated about these stories, they are just loosely tied together by the characters living in the world. I’ve read a fair amount of things over my life, from sweeping epics to shorter, self-contained works about a broader theme. Sometimes though, it’s nice to just have a simple read that’s entertaining and maybe doesn’t fry one’s brain a little. That’s when I reach into my zine box for Professor Cuties.

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