Custom Brushes in Clip Studio Paint

A tutorial on making custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint, also known as Manga Studio. Creating custom brushes was confusing to me initially, so I thought I would show you how I learned it.

Create your canvas.


Click on the layers menu and click “Convert Layer”.  You’ll be converting the layer into greyscale because if you don’t your brushes are just going to be black regardless of what color you pick.


Change expression color to “Gray”.


Draw your design, making sure to flatten everything when you finish and that everything is greyscale. The value of your design will matter in the final brush, if you don’t make it flat black you can up with some interesting designs.


Go to edit -> “Register Material” -> “Image”


Add a name to your material name.


Mark “Use for brush tip shape”


In “Location to save material” click a place to save your material. I already had a folder for my custom materials. Then click ok.


Create a new canvas and find a brush you want to mess with or duplicate something. Go into the options, which is the two wrenches.


Under “Brush tip”, click material. Click on “Click here and add tip shape”.


Search for your material and click ok.


Congrats, you made a custom brush!


You can see how the different values in my design carry over into the custom brush. You can create some very neat effects this way.


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