Zine Review: Ate So Much, Danced So Much, Loved So Much by Nicole Goux


Ate So Much, Danced So Much, Loved So Much is made by Nicole Goux. It can be bought for $5 at her website. I THINK I bought this book the the 2016 Emerald City Comic Con (I’m getting to the point where I’m forgetting when I get my books oh no).
If you’ve been around my blog or me for any period of time, you would know I love traveling. Traveling with my sketchbooks is my way of connecting with where I am, making sense of the places I’ve been and capturing moments I can look back on with wonder.
Ate So Much, Danced So Much, Loved So Much reminds me a lot of my own travel sketchbooks, full of writings, drawings, and jumping from topic to topic. It follows Nicole’s 2 week trip to France and Brussels and the wonder and awe of traveling alone in a new place. She talks about the strangers she met, her AirBnB, and connecting with people even with a language barrier. Her writings are supplemented with gorgeous ink urban sketches of people and places. As readers we can peek a little into the trip and catch a glimpse of France, as well as the effect it must have had on Nicole.

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