Zine Review: The Opium Poppy by Two Photon Art


The Opium Poppy is made by Two Photon Art. They make awesome science zines, prints, and cool accessories at their shop (I’m definitely eyeing the Luna Moth pin for the future). The Opium Poppy can be read for free at the following link. This issue was acquired in a trade at the 2016 East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest.
We are once again revisiting the great material of Two Photon Art with this zine, The Opium Poppy. Poppy seed muffins are one of my favorite breakfast foods, which is saying something since I’m not a huge fan of most breakfast food in the first place (including pancakes, bacon, eggs, and French toast). It’s really the texture of the seeds that makes eating them enjoyable for me.
With my love of poppy seeds, it was only befitting I picked up this educational and sobering zine. It talks about the opium poppy plant which is the origin of tasty breakfast treats as well as some of the most powerful painkillers and addictive substances out there. The zine dives into where it comes from, its place in human history, how it’s harvested, and how it works. The zine is a fascinating intro into a plant that some may only know for its use in muffins, but has had far greater consequences than I realized. If you’ve ever heard of morphine or heroin, then you can thank the opium poppy for that. Finally, the zine tackles the consequences that the opium poppy has had on humans today in the form of addiction. It is a reality check into the plant that has given and taken so much.

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