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Hey everyone! Exciting news, I’m finally going to get on it and publish my comic Saving Promise as a webcomic next week on Tapastic! It’s about college and growing up and all the wonderful things that pop up in college life.

The longer story of why I’m publishing it is as follows: I made the first chapter of Saving Promise about a year ago and was proud of my accomplishment. I made a goal of myself to not publish online until I had a second chapter…which I never got to making. I am publishing the first chapter over the next few weeks on Mondays, forcing me to make new stuff to keep up with the updates. It’s been a long time sitting in my brain, but it’s no use sitting there.

I can complain and make excuses with myself about why I don’t think I’ll be ready to publish it, but you’re never ready. You just jump in head first and keep going consistently.

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