Zine Review: Hues & Views by Lisa Sy

Hues & Views is made by Lisa Sy (http://lisasy.com/). At the moment, this zine doesn’t seem to be available for online purchase, so you’ll have to catch them at a zine fest! I traded for this zine at the 2016 East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest in Berkeley, CA.
The Urban Sketchers’ Manifesto (http://www.urbansketchers.org/p/our-manifesto.html) lists their first line item as follows: “We draw on location, indoors or outdoors, caputuring what we see from direct observation.” Urban sketching is an amazing experience that allows one to connect with the places they visit and bring back unforgettable souvenirs. When you see the sketches of others, you can take a glimpse into the places that exist beyond our homes.
Hues & Views is an urban sketching zine of Lisa’s solo trip to Hong Kong and Macau. The sketches are drawn in pen with wonderful detail and precision. Interspersed amongst the drawings is a running commentary on the trip alongside their own thoughts on being an American-born Chinese visiting Hong Kong. Some of their thoughts mirror my own thoughts whenever I visit the Philippines. Hues and Views reminds me of the places I’ve visited in the last few years, the number of piled up drawings that are a handmade snapshot of where I’ve been. I’ve never been to Hong Kong of Macau. In the future, maybe I will? As of now, this zine allows me to peek a glimpse into what those places are like, I would think, better than a photograph ever would.

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