Zine Review: After Lunch by Leah Dubuc


After Lunch is by Leah Dubuc. They are not up for purchase at this time, but the website is here. These were bought at the 2015 East Bay Alternative Zine Fest.
After Lunch is billed as a “collection of illustrated anecdotes and thoughts on food, drinking, dating, and general issues of being an early 20’s fuck up.” This statement summarizes the current 5 volume series (as of 2016). After Lunch is a series of random vignettes that are loosely tied together in a broader theme of being an early adult.
There are comics and drawings sprinkled throughout the books. The first book has a few random comics, but the books past that are more autobiographical. At least I think. I’m not sure if these are true stories or not! I enjoy After Lunch a lot because of how random the comics are, with bouts of drinking, dating, and eating just too much of the wrong things close together. I’m not sure how you’re life is like, but I’m sure you can find something in here to relate to.

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