Zine Review: Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes by Two Photon Art

Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes is a zine made by Two Photon Art. The print your own version can be bought for $5 or a physical copy for $6. I traded for this zine at the 2016 San Francisco Zine Fest.
One of the coolest things I think zines can be used for is in disseminating topics affordably and easily in physical form. This is especially true of the sciences. I have seen zines that range from learning about a cache to hardware programming a Twitter bot to the opium plant. Zines are a great platform for people passionate about science to write about what they love and distribute it amongst their peers and the general public.
Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes Volcanoes (what a mouthful am i right?) is one such zine. They were inspired by a volcanic-centric trip to Nicuragua to create this zine about volcanoes. It’s a simple, rudimentary introduction to volcanoes, not delving into too much details. There are drawings, diagrams, and text to explain the core concepts of volcanoes. It spurs you on to continue doing more research on the subject and I would know because I delved down a Wikipedia rabbit hole after I finished this. I came out knowing a little more about volcanoes and how they are formed. There’s lots of potential for teaching as well as learning with zines and this one about volcanoes is just one example.

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