Zine Review: Guide To Being Alone by Julia Arredondo

Guide To Being Alone is written by Julia Arredondo and published by Vice Versa Press. It can be bought for $4 as an ebook at the following link. This comic was bought at the 2016 Gilman Zine Fest.
For a good period of time in college, I spent a lot of time alone. By myself, I’d watch movies, catch a friend’s art show, skate 10 miles, bum around the mall, get lost (intentionally and hopelessly), climb high places, and take in the crisp air as night fell on the bike trails. I’m at peace with being able to occupy myself and go to things even if no one else will go with me (or if I just don’t want anyone to tag along). Over the years I’ve had a few people ask me how to be comfortable being alone with yourself.
Guide To Being Alone is really what it says on the cover, a guide. There are sections and handy tips you can when you’re alone, whether it’s after a breakup, being home, or treating yourself to a night out. Each spread is uniquely laid out and designed, making it a lot more fun to read than walls of text. It gives advice on how to be comfortable with YOU and realize just how awesome YOU are. And I like to believe you’re awesome. If you need tips for yourself or maybe someone else needs it, you can’t go wrong with this nice zine.

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