Zine Review: Melancholy Rainbow A Sitcomic by Nina Kim

Melancholy Rainbow is a series of comics written by Nina Kim. Volumes 1 and 2 can be bought for $4 each at their Etsy shop. These three issues were bought at the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest in 2015.
“A Sitcomic” is one of the best ways to describe Melancholy Rainbow (it’s also in the title). The comics are mostly in a vertical strip format, similar to 4 koma if you know what those are.
A lot of the strips are humorous, poking fun at herself and other people. There are common threads that run through the issues such as her obsession with Neil Young, dating woes, and coffee. The strips are fun reads, oftentimes delivering great, unexpected punchlines. I am always a fan of humor that pokes fun at the things around us, including ourselves. Melancholy Rainbow is a nice comic zine to read whenever wherever. Also, I really like the paper that was used in the printing of this!

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