Zine Review: No Road In – No Road Out Slowboating the Amazon by Oliver Hoeller


No Road In No Road Out: Slowboating The Amazon (NRNO) is made by Oliver Hoeller. Currently their shop seems to be down, but here’s the link to it for the future. A good friend purchased this for me as a gift at the 2015 San Francisco Zine Fest.
When I started drawing, on location drawing was one of my favorite things to do. It took a few years before I realized there was a name for it: urban sketching. The premise of being able to show the world through one drawing of what’s around you, that was appealing to me.
NRNO takes you on a trip to the Amazon, as Oliver has experienced it. The beauty with urban sketching is how the world is interpreted through the artists own lens, from their palette choices, compositions, and what they choose to draw. It is a stark contrast from photography, in which anything in front of the lens will be caught by the camera. Through the colorful paintings of Oliver you can experience a glimpse of where they’ve been the people they met, the stories that were told, and the sights they may have seen. I haven’t been to the Amazon yet. With NRNO, I have just the smallest of idea of what it’s like there, allowing to see a little more of the world out there.

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