Zine Review: Looking Inward A Guide To Introversion by Erika Sjule

Looking Inward A Guide To Introversion is made by Erika Sjule. The zine can be bought for $8 at her shop. This zine was bought at the 2016 Gilman Zine Fest.
Looking Inward is a zine the looks at introversion, which includes definitions, misconceptions, and theories.
In 2015 someone told me that conventions (anime, comics, zines, etc.) were just “a bunch of introverts hanging around awkwardly in the same place.” Having gone to several of these, I can see why they made that observation. As an introvert there is a lot of time spent being by yourself or with a small, manageable group of people. With lots of alone time on their hands, it’s no wonder creative people tend to lean towards being more introverted (that being said, if there is research out there that proves me completely wrong I’d love to hear it). Looking Inward is a nice informational zine about the introverted side of the spectrum, often assumed shy or anti-social. It puts introverts to the spotlight in an effort to break down these misconceptions and put to light what makes introversion different from its more out there sibling, extroversion. This would be a good zine to lend out to those who may have trouble understanding how your introversion works or those looking for a more concise, bite-sized way to explain to yourself what introversion means to you.

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