Zine Review: This Is Not A Girl Gang (Nicole Goux and Dave Baker)

This Is Not A Girl Gang (TNGG) has two zines in the series (as of this writing): TNGG and TNGG (Northwest Edition). They are made by Dave Baker and Nicole Goux. Their websites are in the following highlighted links (Dave Baker and Nicole Goux). These two zines can be bought for $5 for the first one and $8 for the Northwest Edition. These zines were bought at the 2015 East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest (EBABZ).

TNGG follows the travels of two girls Zoe and Devin, from California to the Grand Canyon for the first one and from California to Portland and Seattle for the second. These trips are spur of the moment, with little planning and a sense of wonder for these new places.

I have a special place in my heart for travel zines, fictional or not and TNGG is a welcome addition to my library. It is easily digestible with wonderful art and a story that captures the stresses, trials, tribulations, and joy that comes with traveling by the seat of your pants. Traveling without a plan, without any idea what you’ll do next, is highly underrated. There’s something freeing about dropping your life for a quick moment to visit some place and taking everything all in as you go along. No rigid schedule to stick to. No planning to stress over. Maybe that’s why I enjoy traveling alone so much, as I’m beholden to no one but myself, and I love exploring with nowhere to go but everywhere. Maybe one day I can travel with someone who shares my view of exploration, just like Zoe and Devin.

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