Inktober/Kpoptober Day 31: Wedding Dress by Taeyang

Inktober 31.jpgALLLLL DONNEEE!!!! Storytime! This song was released when I entered college back in 2010 (wow was that really 6 YEARS AGO?). At the time, everyone was talking about it, but me, not knowing a lick of Kpop, felt left out of the conversations about the song and the dance. I didn’t really listen to it until just this month, 6 years later. In a way this song is loosely tied to my time at college, so it’s just a little special to me.

Whoa, what a wild ride! I went more all out during Inktober than I thought I would. Thank you to everyone who suggested songs to me and to those who are just watching me as I struggle and attempt to get better at this thing I call art.

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