Inktober/Kpoptober Day 29: What Can I Do by Seungri

Inktober 29.jpg

Song! Hmmmm where have we seen these weapons before?! Only two more days and the last songs lined up are: my favorite song of the whole batch and then the song that I have a bit of history with. Stay tuned!

“Why have you come here to stop us? To take away the good we can do? When we can SAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES?”

“I’ve come here to save you from the guilt! The guilt of when you will inevitably fail EVEN ONCE and have to deal with the fallout from the public. And worst of all, when you have to deal with your own mind.”

“That’s what we signed up for when we decided to do this. Everyone knows the consequence of failure! We’ll have live with it and continuing fighting for a better place.”

“So why is it those who fail, those who have made a mistake, are never seen again?”



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