Day 4: Messenger Bags


We walked around lots and my friend got themselves a brand new Timbuk2 backpack! I didn’t get anything, but I left with a lot more new information and a closer idea of what I wish to buy.

What bags do you use on a daily basis?

2 responses to “Day 4: Messenger Bags”

  1. right now im using this purse i got at a flea market, i really like it because it has a lot of little bags and i can hang charms on the ends but it’s starting to show wear because i overpack it @_@ it’s hard to find bags i really like/that last lol

    1. Yeah my tendency is to get a new bag, love it for a while, but as I slowly start accumulating more things to carry around in my day to day life, they start becoming too small for me @__@. I’m also bad with luggage bags, I tend to get them broken really quickly…

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