SF Pen Show (Sunday) Sketches and Thoughts

Hey everyone! I went to the SF Pen Show on Sunday in Redwood City! I spent a fair amount of time playing around with the flex as well as trying out various inks. In the end I only bought a Rhodia Webbie and a pin, but now I definitely know what I’m looking to buy or try in the future! I also got some free Tomoe River samples from Curnow Bookbinding and Leatherwork!

Special thanks to the people at the Susan Wirth booth for teaching me about italics, letting me try out their flex nibs, and for having interesting conversations about art, paper, and zines.

I had a lot of fun even though I was only there for one day. Maybe next year I can make it for the rest of the time.

Paper is the Strathmore Visual Journal bristol smooth.

Trying out the flex nibs from the Susan Wirth booth!


I really like the Platinum Carbon Black and the Diamine Sunset!


The Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo is my favorite of the ones I tested. I also like the Iroshizuku Yu-Yake (orange) and Diamine Ancient Copper.
I like the Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki, Momiji, Kosumusu, and Murasaki Shikibu.


So, so, SOOOO beautiful!
I really like this one as well.
Rhodia Webbie and a pin.


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