Comic Collaboration with Crazy Sakuru!


Hey everyone, I did a collaboration with my awesome, sweet friend Crazy Sakuru! We each had a hand at writing a comic for the other to draw, so this is the one they she wrote for me!

To read the one I wrote as well as Sakuru’s artwork, please check out their Tumblr!


2 responses to “Comic Collaboration with Crazy Sakuru!”

  1. Allen, it’s really cool that you guys COLLABED! I checked out Sakuru’s collab comic too! “oh my god. well, thanks” Haha, I was getting Allen vibes from her comic! I like how these two comics have similar themes of receiving simple pick-me-up encouragements. Tea and purikura! They’re pleasant. 🙂

    lol I like the “This is not my job…” resignation. Your comic has an overall very soothing feel to it, especially with the concluding panels of the protagonist quietly enjoying tea. Is Eileen one of your characters or just a character made for this one comic?

    1. Ahhh she’s just a character for this comic…her name comes from a joke, because one time my friend somehow called me Eileen accidentally and it’s become my joke nickname ever since.

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