Paper Drawings and Testing (Rhodia Dot Pad)

Hey everyone,

I’m back with another little paper test with drawings and such. This time it’s the Rhodia Dot Pad.

I really like the Rhodia Dot Pad paper, it is wonderfully smooth and Apache Sunset as well as the Diamine Grey looked absolutely killer on the paper. That being said, it’s so smooth that for wet pens such as my Konrad, the ink took forever to dry. I can put up with it just because it looks and feels so nice.

WP_20160801_21_24_01_Pro (2)
L to R: Noodler’s Konrad, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pilot Metropolitan


Scan_20160801 (5)

Scan_20160801 (3)Scan_20160801 (4)

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