Gouache Color Mixes: Pthalocyanine Green (PG7) M. Graham

Note: I didn’t start mixing my colors with Zinc White yet, which is why that line is blank. This post will be updated when I do.
Note: Titanium White is much warmer than shown here, it only looks blue because I had leftover blue paint on my brushes when mixing and it appeared that way. It is warmer and looks a bit more orange.
Pthalocyanine Green


Hello everyone, I did a few gouache color mixing charts over the past several weeks so that I can become more familiar with my paints.
Pthalocyanine Green has very high tinting strength, akin to Pthalocyanine Blue. It’s annoying to mix the two together because it’s difficult to see the mixture changing color until you put it on paper. My primary uses for this color is for making blacks with Quinacridone Rose.

My book is out! It compiles my drawings and journals from when I went to Seattle in April. Here is a link to the book or more information at my blog post here.

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