Gouache Color Mixes: Pthalocyanine Blue (PB15:3) M. Graham

Note: I didn’t start mixing my colors with Zinc White yet, which is why that line is blank. This post will be updated when I do.

Note: Titanium White is much warmer than shown here, it only looks blue because I had leftover blue paint on my brushes when mixing and it appeared that way. It is warmer and looks a bit more orange.

Pthalocyanine Blue.jpg

Hello everyone, I did a few gouache color mixing charts over the past several weeks so that I can become more familiar with my paints.

Pthalocyanine Blue has very high tinting strength, which is why it’s sometimes difficult for me to use it in mixes because I can’t often see how much I pick up from my brush. I’ve used this color less since acquiring Ultramarine Blue. I primarily use it to mix with Pthalocyanine Green and for dulling Cadmium Red.

My book is out! It compiles my drawings and journals from when I went to Seattle in April. Here is a link to the book or more information at my blog post here.

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