#Dearjetpens: Mini-Review Uni Signo + Uni Posca + Nomadic Case

Disclaimer: Everything here is bought with my own money.

Hey everyone! I got some new stuff from my favorite pen/pencil shop, Jetpens. I have a new pencil case, some well needed 2B lead for my pencils, and two white pens, the Uni-Ball Signo and Uni Posca Paint Marker 1.0mm. I’ll show some pictures/comparisons, then I’ll dive into my thoughts.

Case, quite big
It fits all this STUFF
My green ink is NOT waterproof, so it reactivates with gel pens.

Scan_20160421 (2)Scan_20160421 (3)

Scan_20160421 (4)
The Signo ends up looking whiter, but the Posca can fill large areas much easier.


  • The Nomadic PE-09 Flap Type Pencil Case is excellent, holds ALL of my pencils, frequently used, infrequently used, and my watercolors, although the cavaet is that I had to downsize my water container (which I wanted to do anyways) and switch to a microfiber towel. It’s alright though, these were changes I’ve been wanting to do for a while.
  • I love Uni-ball Signo, it has a great flow to it, is very opaque, and I like the sheen and texture when it dries. I highly, highly recommend it if you need a white gel pen in your future, whether it’s for highlights or corrections.
  •  I really like the Uni Posca, for different reasons. The flow is on par with the Signo, but because it is more of a brush you can cover large areas much quicker by laying it on its side. You do end up seeing more of the texture of the paper with this and if you’re not careful can actually rub the paper off. Still a great pen, probably should have picked up the 5mm instead of the 1mm though.
  • The leads work great. Um, there’s not much to share here.

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