Paper Drawings and Testing (Midori MD and Deleter Comic Book Paper)

Hello everyone,

My friend send me a bunch of paper samples today and for fun I decide to put them to their paces, using them as I would a normal sketchbook. I don’t write with my fountain pens much (heh), but I use them for sketching and drawings.

Today I am testing Midori MD, Deleter Comic Book Paper 110, and Deleter Comic Book Paper 135.

Scan_20160216 (2) Scan_20160216 (3) Scan_20160216 (4) Scan_20160216 (5) Scan_20160216 (6)

Midori performed very well. For Deleter, I think the problem is more of the brand ink as opposed to what kind of ink they are. The Noodler’s inks are the ones that feathered, but not the Diamine Grey nor the Deleter 4.

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